New in Store: Mobile Steel Cabinet

Author: Zach   Date Posted:6 September 2022 

We came across these Aobabo mobile steel cabinets online, and they seemed like such a versatile and useful item to have in a workshop, garage, or office space. Seeing that people really enjoy them in the US/ Canadian market, we were really excited to bring them in and sell them in our store.
Upon their arrival, we were impressed by the quality of the packaging; strong and rigid cardboard with lots of padding to keep the sheet metal walls from taking any damage in transport. Once we had one assembled, we were able to see why people overseas like them so much. It all feels really solid and well put together. It's also just such a great and simple idea, to have a strong steel cabinet—on wheels—so that it can be moved at any time without having to take items out to reduce the weight. The wheels are super robust and roll smoothly even under heavy load, and all four have brakes, so it's a quick and easy process to just turn it into a normal stationary cabinet.

Here's the link to the product page if you're interested in taking a look.


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