Pallet Racking


Wholesale Superstore has been Australia's established supplier of high-end pallet racking and accessories for over 20 years. All our products pass quality tests and have been tested to the Australian Standard AS4084-2012. With decades of experience supporting the Australian Business Community, We provide innovative services for projects of all sizes. Our goods are high quality, durable and perfect for large and small storage warehouses, industrial shelving and long shelf shelving. Please browse our wide variety of pallet racking shelves and storage racks, extended span storage shelves, pallet frames, beams and shelving products. We provide professional consultancy to help you find the ideal Pallet Racking solutions. This will help improve your operations. No project is too large or too low, or too complex for us. Therefore whether you wish to equip a tiny private warehouse or need to buy the most powerful distribution centre, Wholesale SuperStore is here to assist.

What is Pallet Racking

Pallet Racking shelving is a stock handling storage device whose components can store items on pallets. There are several different types of Pallet racking systems. All of them allow the storage of material in rows with multiple peaks. At Wholesale Super Store, we usually have most types and configurations commonly used on warehouse racking systems for storage. The most frequently used system is the Selective Racking system. They are typically made in "roll-formed, "steel" and "structured" configurations.

Warehouse Racking System

Whenever a business needs individual racks, we offer specific rack solutions for all environments. Our warehouse racking system team, work with racking contractors and storage companies in various parts of Australia to design and create a solution for you and your storage needs. We can help with selecting and customising the optimal modular warehouse  racking solution depending on the market. We're experts in our area and stock an extensive range of logistics system solutions to your needs.

Best customer service with trusted professionals

At Wholesale Super Store, we pride ourselves on being industry professionals in design, distribution and various types of systems to meet our customer's expectations. In addition, we have customer service support and storeroom in New Castle, New south wales. We stock and supply the best quality Pallet racking shelving system suitable for you at a reasonable wholesale price.




Jeremy, Wetherill Park NSW

I'm glad that my friend recommended me to this site. Wholesale SuperStore were terrific. I have never seen a company with a wide range of product categories. Also, the staff were accommodating in solving my manual handling problem.

Peter NSW

Excellent support was provided. We were first contacted about seven years ago and have used their products and services regularly for business since.

Lisa Stevens VIC Australia

Excellent company. I had to buy some pallet racking accessories for my warehouse. Excellent service.