** Facts you need to know about the new Australian standard
for Pallet Racking AS4084-2012 **

Don’t be fooled by most competitors ads on eBay stating that their racking complies to AS4084 -2012
the new Australian standard for steel storage racking.

The simple fact is - THEY DO NOT !!

If they can't produce a certificate that can be substantiated by an Australian testing
then their claims are not legit !

The new standard for racking (AS4084-2012) was introduced in February 2012 and was
implemented in February 2013.

All pallet racking now needs to be engineered for each particular installation.

The key change to the new standard is a switch from using "permissible stress" design to a
"limit states" design approach.
The new standard also cross references the relevant companion standards including
AS/NZS4600: 2005 Cold Formed Steel Structures and AS4100-1998 Steel Structures.

with the designer responsible for creating a racking system that is safe and fit for purpose.
Although components of pallet racking are standard components, the issue of compliance
with the new standard depends on how these components are interconnected to make a system.
This cannot be done by just importing the racking frames and beams and then on selling.

Each beam length and section needs to be tested in combination with each Frame height, width and section
to produce the appropriate load table for that combination of Frame and Beam.
You cannot just simply state that a particular beam has a certain capacity for every application
the capacity will vary depending on each installation.

Furthermore each individual racking installation now requires to have the engineers / designers name
stated on the Safe Working Load signs.
Each racking installation also requires a layout drawing to be supplied to each customer.

We are a professional racking company - the testing of our racking and all associated load charts
has taken several months at a cost of over $200,000 to complete.

We supply Safe Working Load Signs and layout drawings that are both relevent and compliant to your installation and include the engineers name that has designed your installation.

I doubt the direct importers selling cheap here have been through this exercise.

Our racking has been tested at Monash and James Cook Universities and Rockfield Technologies
with ongoing annual testing to ensure quality and legitimate compliance to the new standard.

Send us your layout and requirements and we'll design a system that is fully compliant to AS4084-2012
and compatible with your needs.